A Plea for Peace, Science and Sanity

And why it isn’t about politics this time

Lisa Olsen


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I think it is indisputable that 2020 is a different year than normal. Between an impeachment, the pandemic, and the protests, this year is clearly one for the history books.

So it makes sense that this year’s election would be different than the norm too.

Growing up, I remember hearing the debates during family gatherings on Republican versus Democrat viewpoints on various topics. These debates were always civil, as my family tends to calmly debate without animosity, only to have each member return home without changing their opinions, ready to debate again the next time.

I grew up knowing that I had the right to my own opinions on whatever topic, and that family ties were strong enough to handle differing opinions without letting them affect relationships.

But this year’s election appears to be very little about politics.

Both sides know it too. The 2020 election seems to come down to the person in charge, not the policies that they bring with them.

That’s why so much of Biden’s commercials are against Trump, himself, as opposed to Republican viewpoints. It is why Trump name calls Biden “Sleepy Joe,” and tries to portray him as an old man in the basement.

This isn’t about foreign policies as much as about who has a better personality to deal with foreign countries.

It is a contest of who is better able to run the country. That is why both push an unfit storyline, why both want to prove their physical strength, and why both of the candidates’ Twitter feeds have attacks against the person, not just that person’s political party.

The reason for this is simple.

Biden wants to be seen as the unifier, and bring Republicans across the line to vote for him. He doesn’t want to focus on the differences between red and blue in normal years, he wants every American to vote for him as the better, more reasonable leader. So his speeches are about unity, and about coming together as a nation, and there is even talk of him putting…



Lisa Olsen

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