Am I a Covid-19 Cylon? Are You?

No one knows, and that is the true danger of this disease

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Many have compared this pandemic to the zombie apocalypse. Sure there is the fear, the panic buying, and the necessity of staying inside that is true of those zombie shows and movies.

But personally, I think that it is more comparable to Battlestar Galactica and the problem with the hidden identity of the Cylons living among them.

See, we all know that there are those among us with this virus, and these people are extremely dangerous, particularly to those who have weakened immune systems or are elderly.

But we don’t know who they are.

Zombies would be easier to tell. Avoid zombies, the ones with decaying flesh/torn clothes, avoid being bit, and you know you are safe.

But coronavirus doesn’t turn your skin green, doesn’t put a mark on your body, or give any clue that it has hitched on to you for a ride.

Worse than that, you can spread this virus easier before you even have a single symptom.

Four of those had no symptoms, and Ciesek was surprised to find that the viral load of the specimens from the asymptomatic patients was higher than the viral load of the specimens from the three patients who did have symptoms.

A higher viral load means it is easier to transmit to others. All before you feel slightly off.

This is the world of the people on Battlestar Galactica too. The humans knew that Cylons lived among them, but they didn’t know who those were, so they had to be fearful of everyone.

Many times, they only learned of Cyclons as they died to these human-like robots. Some of our favorite characters turned out to be Cylons that didn’t even know they were Cylons for most of the show.

In this world of coronavirus, you can trust no one. Everyone is a potential threat. Even you.

There walk among you people who have this virus, living in their body, secretly spreading evil as they still “feel fine” so they continue to go out to your stores, your work, and among others in society.

There walk among us people who have already had a mild form of COVID-19, never went to the doctor, never knew they had it, and feel better now.

Yet, this particularly sneaky virus lives for a long time, including after symptoms end.

Patients with the new coronavirus keep the pathogen in their respiratory tract for as long as 37 days

So if you happened to be in the “mild form” category, you could still be spreading this virus a month after you had it, which you never knew, because you didn’t get tested.

Thus the importance of social distancing.

Since literally everyone is a threat, the only way to fight this virus is to avoid everyone. We have to give this virus nowhere to go, nowhere to grow, replicate and spread.

I want to see my brother, my parents, my sister in law etc. But I won’t, because they are a potential threat to me, and I am a potential threat to them, too.

As surreal as it is, this virus is in some ways worse than the fictional viruses in shows such as Last Man on Earth or others where the sickness strikes fast, and then kills.

The danger of coronavirus is in its secretive nature, the potential danger before symptoms, the lingering danger after symptoms, and its ability to mimic the flu… until it doesn’t.

Back to the Cylons, we need to be vigilant because every person you come into contact could be secretly an agent of the enemy (coronavirus), even you.

Minimize your interactions, for the sake of the human race.

“So say we all”

Written by

I am a teacher, with two kids, recently diagnosed with Lupus, and possibly other auto-immune conditions, living life to the fullest, while managing symptoms.

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