How to Stay on Diet on Vacation

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To have a chance of success with your diet on your trip, you need to have the willpower to do so.

My willpower came from the knowledge that deviating from my diet would result in pain. It is relatively easy to stay on a strict diet if you know firsthand just how uncomfortable it will make you if you stray.

Don’t go on your trip blind.

With the internet at your side, there is no reason to go to your vacation spot completely unaware. Almost every restaurant has a website these days, at least in popular areas, and their website has a menu. It doesn’t take that much effort to look before you travel for some places that have meals that fit your guidelines.

Pack your own snacks.

Restaurants are one thing, snacks are another.

Remember why you are there.

I would be lying if I said that I never got jealous of food that my family ate, and mourned the time when I could have eaten it all too.

With a heavy dose of willpower, and some planning ahead of time, I know you will be able to stay on your diet as well. Have a great trip!

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I am a teacher, with two kids, recently diagnosed with Lupus, and possibly other auto-immune conditions, living life to the fullest, while managing symptoms.

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