The Response Missing from the “Grandma for Christmas Craiglist Ad” Story

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

As I read this, I can’t help but think that the vast majority of people are missing the point that they should get from this story.

Everyone has a woman or man like this in their lives.

You have a person like this in your life.

Someone who will be alone for Christmas.

Ask what they are doing for the holidays.

If you learn that they are planning on staying home, by themselves, reach out and ask them to join your family this year.

It’s that simple.

In our family, we have had a former coworker who was going through a hard divorce and custody situation come over for Thanksgiving.

Can you be that person? Can you ask someone to your family’s holidays this year?

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I am a teacher, with two kids, recently diagnosed with Lupus, and possibly other auto-immune conditions, living life to the fullest, while managing symptoms.

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