The Return of the Jedi Moment

and why it felt different this election

Lisa Olsen


Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

This year has not been an easy one.

It seems like every day there was something new to get discouraged about, and we have spent way more time indoors, away from others, worrying about our country, the virus, social justice and everything we watch on the news each night.

We needed a win.

This election wasn’t decided on the first night with a solid blue map, as some had hoped and even predicted. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ticked by, with slightly more hope for those of us rooting blue, but still nothing was official.

These days, on top of this year, on top of the election in 2016, and on top of the last 4 years of watching this reality show celebrity turned national leader take much of what we loved about our country and turn it to mush, were a lot on our hearts.

The delay in knowing the results felt personal. Like all of the friends and neighbors we felt were on our side let us down.

We even questioned the media, wondering if they hesitated to claim victory for Biden because of knowing how Trump would react.

But they were just being cautious.

Waiting for the moment when they felt that no one could take it back. No court, no recount, no random influx of red mail in ballots would change the outcome.

Honestly, they were a big part of the swelling of emotion felt by the country, because I think their hesitancy to call it early gave us confidence that when they did officially put it on the screen, it was real.

Like a hose that had been jammed, once it was released, the sense of joy was euphoric.

We felt it in our house, tearing up with the people on the news that a brighter day was on the way. The hope we had for our nation that had decided to choose a calm, empathic leader over a blustering, lying, worst side of America leader.

Then we saw the celebrations.

It apparently wasn’t just us that felt this surge of relief, as soon after, CNN and Twitter and others started reporting on the massive celebrations across the nation.



Lisa Olsen

I am a teacher, with two kids, recently diagnosed with Lupus, and possibly other auto-immune conditions, living life to the fullest, while managing symptoms.