When COVID Cases Outnumber Doctors and Nurses

Lisa Olsen
4 min readNov 24, 2020

and what that means for your family and loved ones

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Despite many barriers to insurance and getting healthcare, most of the time, we expect there to be a spot for us or our loved ones at a hospital if we need it. For everything from sickness, broken bones, car accidents or necessary surgeries, we have a basic assumption that when it is our family, there will be a spot to take them. But if the hospital is full, there is nowhere for these people to be treated.

In some parts of the United States, that is already happening.

In other places it will happen soon.

A quick glance at the headlines confirms the grim reality that health care workers are trying to get through the heads of the portion of the population that are still not taking this pandemic seriously.

You might ask- why can’t we just build field hospitals?

The talk of ICU beds makes people think that this is about literal, physical beds.


ICU beds come with a certain level of equipment and monitoring systems that are essential to caring for patients who need that level of care. But that isn’t all that makes ICU beds more than just places for patients.

In theory, you could set up field hospitals for patients, and equip them to at least the standard of the minimum needs of an ICU, but you would still have a problem.



Lisa Olsen

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