Who Wants to be the Next President?

Forget the debates this year, what America really wants is a live game show

Lisa Olsen
8 min readJul 21, 2020


Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash

It is perhaps not surprising than when you have two men competing for who will get the title as the oldest man to be elected president, ever, that physical and mental prowess come into the discussion.

At this point, I think there are very few people left in the United States that are truly undecided about the candidates based purely on their stances on political issues. If you are a hard core Republican or Democrat, there is no swaying you based on anything that will possibly be discussed in these debates.

What people will be watching for is how tired they look, do they slur words or repeat words, and other signs that they are just too old for the position. The candidates know it too, and take time to point out their physical successes, like drinking a cup of water with one hand.

So let’s just stop the pretense all together.

Cancel the debates, and set up some live game shows for America.

We all know that sports have been gone for a while, and what we are craving is some exciting competitions, and a chance to see the presidential nominees face off head to head could be really fun.

Trump would likely agree to it for the sake of the ratings and the airtime, and Biden might even agree to it to prove to Trump’s followers that he can beat the person they cheered for when he drank from a cup with one hand. Plus, they love to mock Biden and call him “Sleepy Joe,” and mock him mercilessly for his public mistakes, so a chance for him to out perform Trump might just be welcomed.

Round 1- Strength and Endurance obstacles.

For the first round, for this fictional game show format, there should be a running course set up. To make sure no one tries to trip the other person, it should be time trials. Start with a sprint, and then maybe add a ramp to the course for some added flair of their abilities to successfully go up and down the ramp.

Next, there should be some kind of endurance test, where they prove that they can continue to lift 5lb weights the…



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